Preparing Your Photo Scanning Order

Do you have photos that are hidden away in a closet or attic that have not been viewed in years? Stored away are memories from years past like weddings, vacations, kids growing up, old relatives and the basic photos in life. Just because they are stored away does not mean that they are safe from the effects of time. Many photos will loose color and fade just sitting in storage over the years.

With today’s technology of photo scanning, your photos can be brought back to life by getting them professionally scanned and have the fading and color restored. Trying to do this yourself is very time consuming and you will not have the expertise or professional equipment a photo scanning service will be able to offer you. Each photo is scanned at a high DPI, color corrected, adjust for lightness and darkness and made sure they are in the correct orientation.

When putting together your order for scanning it is best to number your photos in the order you would like them scanned in. If you want you photos grouped together in separate folders then package them in envelopes so the technician will know what photos go in each folder. It is also a good idea to provide a name for each folder so you can identify them.