Does My Super 8 Film Have Sound?

Are you aware that your Super 8 home movies could have sound on them? When was the last time you have even seen your family movies, you never know they could contain sound. There is an easy way to check and see if your home movies have sound on them. The regular 8mm film was extremely rare to have sound on it since the camera did not record it directly to the film strip as super 8 film does. The audio strip would have to be added in the developing process. The super 8 film would record sound directly onto the film strip but required a specific camera and film to record your sound.

Your Super 8 film camera could record sound in two different formats, optical or magnetic. In most cameras the sound was added to a copper or gold magnetic strip that would be on either side of the film. You could also have an audio strip on both sides of the film if your camera was capable of recording two tracks.

To be able to find out if your Super 8 film contains sound take it out of the container and look for a gold strip on the film. If you can see the gold strip your film contains sound assuming the sound was recorded. If you were unable to find silent film and all that was available was sound film, you could use that in its place.