Selecting the Right Photographer for Product Photography

The importance of topnotch product photography in marketing your product is crucial. Quality images will demonstrate your professionalism to current and potential customers and clients. Therefore, selecting a professional product photographer is key. These days, anyone with a camera can call himself/herself a professional, but he or she may not be the right person to entrust with this vital task. So how do you choose?

Make sure your photographer has experience dealing with your particular product. A photographer that primarily does food photography may not be the best choice to shoot your clothing line. They will not be as familiar with the specific lighting or technical issues that often arise.

Ask to see a portfolio and a client list. Your chosen photographer should have images that you like, a solid track record, and a roster of satisfied clients willing to attest to their skills.

Make sure you’re comfortable communicating with your photographer. They should be able to take the time to sit down with you, listen to your goals for the images, and answer any questions you have. A professional photographer will be upfront with any foreseeable issues and manage expectations.

Professional images are a crucial part of your brand and marketing strategy. Not only that, they can be used for years to come. This is why it’s of immeasurable importance that you take time to choose the right photographer for your product photography.

How Newsletters Can Revitalize Your Business

If you are a small business owner and are looking for ways to maximize your customer base, it may be worth your while to begin sending out regular newsletters. Consider hiring a business printing service to produce the newsletters for you, so that they can make the best impression on potential customers.

Why Newsletters?

Your can maximize customer awareness of your business by sending out regular newsletters. A newsletter is generally a personal, informative document that updates the community on your business and upcoming events or products. For consumers who are unaware of your business, a newsletter can provide a key insight into what products and services you offer, and perhaps lead them to visit your store.

How to Produce Your Newsletters

Newsletters can be an especially effective tool if they are well designed and professionally printed. As one would expect, a polished newsletter usually makes a much better impression than a haphazard one. Look for a company offering business printing services for assistance in planning and printing your newsletter.

In the end, newsletters can help keep past customers up to date on your company’s doings, as well as reach out to a potential customer base within the community by introducing new consumers to your products and services. Be sure to have your newsletters professionally printed to make sure that they are as high quality as possible.

Producing A Corporate Video For Your Company

A corporate video can tell a story about your company, what values does it have, how did it come into existence and what type of people make the company work. Being able to convey that type of message about your company can be beneficial in bringing in investors, new customers and accounts.

Listed below are some of the benefits of having a corporate video produced.

  • Help train your employees
  • Distribute your video to media outlets to gain exposure
  • Have a better website presence
  • Show your company goals to attract new investors
  • Increase your sales

All businesses want to get a step ahead and a corporate video can offer you’re company an upper edge on your competition. This is today’s marketing tool that has the ability to impress everyone it reaches. There are a variety of media formats that can be used throughout different outlets. You can create a DVD, put it on your website, internet streaming or upload it to a media outlet like Youtube or Facebook.  It is a very useful tool that can help your company leap ahead of your competition.

Be careful of getting a low cost bid, remember this is the video that is going to reflect your company. Here are a few things to look for when picking a video production company.

  • A creative team with experience and someone who is willing to listen to your company requirements
  • A company that is up to date with the latest production equipment to ensure the quality of your final product
  • Do they offer various packages so you can choose one that is right for your budget and goals?
  • Do they have a current demo video that shows you the quality of their work?

There are many video production companies out there to choose from, make sure you do your homework before putting down your deposit. The best way to find a video production in your area is by querying video production services + your city. This is the video that is going to represent your company, so you want to make sure your production company of choice can deliver a strong message.

Here is what you want to look for in your final product.

  • Good clean graphics
  • A story that delivers a strong message
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Good clean audio

To sum it up the final product should meet or beet your highest standards. This is the video that represents your company and will need to impress your clients, investors and other businesses.

The Difference Between Duplication and Replication

You have probably heard of copying a CD or ripping a DVD before. You may have even done a little bit of it on your own computer. When people hear about CD/DVD duplication and replication, however, they often think of them as the same process. Duplication and replication are a little different, however, and knowing the difference will help you decide which process is best for you when using a professional printing service.

Duplication means making a copy of your CD/DVD, usually using a laser. The laser burns the information onto the disc, hence the term “burning a disc.” The information is taken directly from a master disc, housed in a computer, and then burned onto subsequent discs. Only the information from the master disc is burned. This process is usually quite affordable and takes very little time to complete.

Replication goes through a slightly different process starting with the creation of a glass master. Often, data can be added to the disc during this manufacturing process. An injection molding or stamping device is usually used to create the replicated discs. Although sometimes considered more expensive due to its manufacturing nature, replication is still affordable with larger orders in most cases.

While CD/DVD duplication and replication might sound the same, the processes are quite different. Consider carefully whether you need duplication or replication with your order. If you are unsure, you can usually ask your print service which might best suit your needs.

Preparing Your Photo Scanning Order

Do you have photos that are hidden away in a closet or attic that have not been viewed in years? Stored away are memories from years past like weddings, vacations, kids growing up, old relatives and the basic photos in life. Just because they are stored away does not mean that they are safe from the effects of time. Many photos will loose color and fade just sitting in storage over the years.

With today’s technology of photo scanning, your photos can be brought back to life by getting them professionally scanned and have the fading and color restored. Trying to do this yourself is very time consuming and you will not have the expertise or professional equipment a photo scanning service will be able to offer you. Each photo is scanned at a high DPI, color corrected, adjust for lightness and darkness and made sure they are in the correct orientation.

When putting together your order for scanning it is best to number your photos in the order you would like them scanned in. If you want you photos grouped together in separate folders then package them in envelopes so the technician will know what photos go in each folder. It is also a good idea to provide a name for each folder so you can identify them.

Does My Super 8 Film Have Sound?

Are you aware that your Super 8 home movies could have sound on them? When was the last time you have even seen your family movies, you never know they could contain sound. There is an easy way to check and see if your home movies have sound on them. The regular 8mm film was extremely rare to have sound on it since the camera did not record it directly to the film strip as super 8 film does. The audio strip would have to be added in the developing process. The super 8 film would record sound directly onto the film strip but required a specific camera and film to record your sound.

Your Super 8 film camera could record sound in two different formats, optical or magnetic. In most cameras the sound was added to a copper or gold magnetic strip that would be on either side of the film. You could also have an audio strip on both sides of the film if your camera was capable of recording two tracks.

To be able to find out if your Super 8 film contains sound take it out of the container and look for a gold strip on the film. If you can see the gold strip your film contains sound assuming the sound was recorded. If you were unable to find silent film and all that was available was sound film, you could use that in its place.